Have Land to Sell?

We'll buy your land fast - with cash!

Expect a transparent and straight-forward selling process.

We make selling your land as easy as possible. We pay all closing fees, draft all documentation, and arrange for a witnessed deed transfer at a place convenient for you.

BrowneRE focuses on buying parcels of vacant land and refining that process to perfection so your job is as simple as saying yes.

Deal with professionals

Our expertise ranges from real estate to software. Working with us is easy and fast. We have the resources to close deals quickly.

Fast Cash

Cash a bank-verified cashier’s check as soon as you sign.

Cash Buyers

Avoid the hassle of banks. Sign twice and get paid.


Back taxes? No problem, we’ll pay.


Our experienced team is available right now to guide you through every step of the process.

Why Should I Sell?

There are many reasons people decide that their property has become a burden and they need to sell their land fast. For some, they no longer have a use for it, and they would rather get fast cash for the property. For others, it is the constant cost of paying property taxes every year and finally, some will sell because it wouldn’t be cost effective to keep it, and the value has dropped and they feel it will never recover.